Entertainment Investment Advisors

Maximizing the benefits of 
prestige investing in the arts. 

Backing entertainment projects, such as movies, television, theater, music and other live events, can be an exciting, prestigious, life-enhancing experience. 

The benefits range from meeting the stars and filmmakers on set, exclusive VIP red-carpet status at premiers and prestigious international festival screenings and parties, and even hosting private screenings and intimate dinner parties for your friends and associates to meet the artists in your home or community. 

However, to fully reap those benefits, you need to back the right projects, guided by the right teams, with the right deal structures, and the right investor relations program. 

Entertainment Investment Advisors is a premier evaluation and advisory service backed by decades of experience to protect your interests, while helping you achieve a broad spectrum of benefits of being a successful "Patron of the Arts".

For Active Investors
If you are presently an investor or you represent investors who are already actively invested, or have specific entertainment offerings under consideration, we provide project-specific evaluations and recommendations to advance the likelihood of success.
For Prospective Investors 
If you are interested in exploring the possibility of becoming an investor, or you represent investors who may be interested in exploring the benefits of investing in entertainment, we provide detailed information about the broad range of the available options, opportunities, and expectations.
Enhancing the Experience for 
Investors and Filmmakers
Entertainment Investment Advisors is a private service exclusively for investors and their representatives, who are active or interested in the US and international entertainment projects. It is confidential and 100% bespoke to the needs of high-net worth individuals, families, and funds. Our consultants are among the most experienced professionals in the motion picture and television industries.
Entertainment Investment Advisors is only available to qualified investors and their representatives. If you are interested in learning more, please fill out the contact form, and we will provide you with further details about how our service works, including qualification requirements.  NOTE: Our service is exclusive and confidential; we do not share, sell or disclose your information to 3rd parties (unless compelled by court order or requirement of law).